As previously announced, the European Congress on Digital Pathology (ECDP2020) was scheduled to 12th-15th May 2020 in Porto, Portugal. We are living extraordinary circumstances under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, the Portuguese Government has implemented some measures regarding the occurrence of events that are not compatible with the realization of ECDP2020.

With deep sadness, we have to announce that ECDP2020 will not take place on 12th-15th May 2020. This includes all the parallel meetings, workshops, symposia and “My digital case”.

The next edition of ECDP is being planned and it will be announced in due time.
Information regarding the annual general meeting will be released within some weeks for all the members of the European Society on Digital and Integrative Pathology (ESDIP).

The Grand Challenge HEROHE occurred with a great success, the results are already announced in the website and the awards will be conceded as planned, after the maintenance of Roche support.

All abstracts accepted for publications that fulfilled the general requirements of the journal are still candidates for publication due to the support of ESDIP. The teams that participated with accepted abstracts will be contacted.

We do thank all the participants for their support. We still expect your strong participation in the next edition of ECDP.

We hope for your understanding in these difficult and demanding times.

With our best regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Catarina Eloy
Vice President of ESDIP
Chair of ECDP 2020